Our workshop in IJmuiden

Own workshop in IJmuiden

At David Bruin Services we are specialised in the Aston Martin type DB2/4 up to and including V8 1975. Good maintenance is of utmost importance to keep your classic Aston Martin in a great condition. That way you will be able to enjoy your classic for a long time! We have several AM spare parts and thanks to our experience and network, we are always able to find the right parts for you Aston Martin vehicle. Our team is passionate and has the needed skills to keep your Aston Martin in a fine condition.

Our location

Our workshop is located in IJmuiden, Amsterdam Port District and is easily accessible. The garage is not far from cities such as Amsterdam, Bloemendaal and Haarlem and makes for a great base for a ride along the beach and dunes.

Maintenance and repair other classic cars

Besides Aston Martin cars, we also gladly take care of your classic car. We work on classic car from Jaguar, Triumph, MG, Austin Healy, Lotus, Jensen, TVR and other vehicles before 1975, with the exception of American cars. Click here for more information.

Maintenance of your Aston Martin

In our garage in IJmuiden, we work with passion and craftsmanship on classic Aston Martin cars. At David Bruin Services we specialise in the Aston Martin type DB2/4 up to and including V8 1975. Proper maintenance is important to keep your classic car in top condition. In our garage we have experienced and passionate mechanics who will provide your classic car with the proper maintenance. In our workshop we also have several Aston Martin parts at our disposal. Thanks to our experience and network we can always find the right parts for your Aston Martin vehicle.

In addition, we also sell various vintage Aston Martin cars. Have a look at the cars we have for sale here. Or make an appointment with us.

Restoration of Aston Martin cars

At David Bruin Services we are currently restoring some Aston Martin ”barnfinds”. Barnfinds are vehicles that are in a very bad condition and often stored in a barn, hence the term ”barnfind”. These cars end up in our garage and are brought back to life through a nut and bolt restoration. You can find these project cars and their progress on our website.

Are you interested in one of our project cars, or are you thinking of a restoration of your Aston Martin vehicle? Please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities. View our project cars here.

Contact us if you would like to have more information about the maintenance of your classic car or if you have a question. You can call us at +31 6 57275093 or send an e-mail to. Would you rather have us  to call you back? Then click on the ”Call me back” button below and we will call back you as soon as possible!