Benefits of storing your classic car during the winter

Published On: 1 November 2023
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The long sunny days are long gone and winter is just around the corner. Making now the time to look for a reliable car storage that offers a safe haven for your classic car.

Benefits of car storage
Your classic or luxury car is not just any car and requires a safe and reliable storage. Storing a classic car is necessary because it ensures that the car is kept in a good condition for the period when it is not in use. This is especially recommended during winter, as winter weather conditions can be detrimental for the longevity of your classic car.
In some cases, classic cars are not allowed on the road during the winter months because of the “winter break” or because of a particular classic car insurance policy. All the more reason to store your classic car safely. A car storage offers extra protection during this cold period.

Disadvantages of winter conditions:
Of course, we do not experience extreme winter conditions in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, it is wise to take extra care of your classic car and store your car during these colder months. During the Dutch winter you will face conditions that are detrimental to your classic car:

  • Cold (freezing) weather – The cold weather can affect car parts. Especially freezing temperatures, as this can cause frozen hand brakes, frozen fuel lines, as well as fluids that can freeze. A frozen fuel line can cause the car not to start.
  • Road Salt – The salt sprayed on the roads to prevent slipping can corrode the paint and parts of the bodywork.
  • Empty battery – When a car is stored for a longer period of time, the battery can be drained and even become damaged.
  • Long standstill – If a car remains stationary for a longer period of time, tyres are prone to get flat spots due to the weight of the vehicle. Especially cars that are parked outside during cold weather for a prolonged period. This is because the drop in temperatures may also affect the pressure of the tyres.

Storing your classic car at David Bruin Services
David Bruin Services has a high-end car storage with an optimal climate and offers car owners a safe haven for their classic or high-end car. The car park is located in an easily accessible location in North Holland, IJmuiden (Amsterdam Port District) and is equipped with the latest security systems.
Are you looking for an easily accessible car storage in the North of the Netherlands? Make sure to contact David Bruin Services. +31 6  57275093