Completion May 2023

Price €450.000,-

Project car number 002

This Aston Martin DBS, chassis no. DBS/5301/LAC, was built in 1969. It is an original left-hand drive manual car with full options such as a Webasto sunroof, power steering, Picco Horns and more. The car was first exported to a one dealer in the United States, Taylor Rolls-Royce.

The car was used at the 1969 Florida auto show with exhibition license plates “DBS”. Then it was sold to a gentleman in California, the car was then given the US license plate “1QPW733”.

As far as is known, the car was in the US until 1997, then it was transported to Germany and used by a gentleman from the US Army. After this period, the car was sold to a person in Greece where it stayed in a warehouse, deteriorating its condition. In 2017, the current owner found the car and brought it to the Netherlands, he contacted David Bruin Services BV to take care of the car. DBS then began a nut and bolt restoration. The current condition of the car can be seen in the images.

The plan is to complete the total restoration of this car around the end of this year. If you are interested in this car please make an appointment to see the quality of the work.

David Bruin Services BV is performing a full restoration on this 1969 Aston Martin DBS. Our project cars are for sale! If you are interested in this project car, we can completely customize certain options, such as the color of the car, to your liking. For example, this car is left-hand drive, we can also make the car right-hand drive.

– Brand: Aston Martin
– Model: DBS
– Bodystyle: Grand Tourer (GT)
– Mileage: 0
– Gearbox: manual
– Built: 1969
– Steeringwheel: left
– Color: Pacific Blue
– Engine: enlarged from 4L to 4.5L
– Gearing: five-speed Tremec manual transmission
– Weber carburateur (Vantage)
– Webasto sunroof
– One of 130 cars built

The Aston Martin DBS, a grand tourer made by the British car manufacturer Aston Martin. The DBS was produced between 1967–1972. The backstory of how the DBS came to life is an interesting one. In 1966, Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera had been commissioned to design the DB6 replacement. The design house created two DBS prototypes before it went out of business. In order to get the project over the line, British car designer William Towns was brought in to design the new car. Although the DBS was envisioned to be the successor of the Aston Martin DB6, both were produced simultaneously for three years. The DB6 ran from 1965 until 1971.

The DBS retained the six-cylinder, 3,995 cc engine, available in Standard or Vantage form as used in DB6. Initially, the plan had been to use an all new V8 engine, however this was not ready in time and therefore not used in the DBS before 1969. In 1969, the DBS was made available with the long awaited V8 Engine with the vehicle that we know as the DBSV8 (four-seat grand touring car). The design of the engine was the work of Tadek Marek. The DBS was a full four seater and was favoured amongst owns that required more interior space.

The use of the 4L engine was one of the reasons why DBS vehicles were fairly cheap a few years ago. The reason being that these were not fast cars (from 0-100 in 8.5 sec with SU carbs) in the time that Aston Martin cars were known for being swift cars.

The Aston Martin DBS was the second AM to star in the James Bond film series. The DBS was famously driven by James Bond (George Lazenby) in the film: ‘’On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’’. The only film in which Bond got married, although, with a tragic ending.

Aston Martin DBS cars are excellent investment opportunities and especially the ones that have been restored. At David Bruin Services, we think that the best DBS cars are the ones that have been restored.

Latest images of Project 002 (click for larger images)