What are ‘’Barnfinds’’?

Published On: 20 September 2022
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If you’re a (classic) car fan, you most likely have heard of the term ‘’barnfind’’ before. This is a term that you have also very likely seen our website. Barnfinds are vehicles (cars, boats, helicopters etc.), that are in a very bad condition and often stored in a barn, shed or old garage, hence the term ”barnfind”. Most of the time these vehicles have been stored to keep them safe. However, after years of storage and no maintenance these cars deteriorate and are left behind in a bad condition. That’s where David Bruin Services step in. We acquire these vehicles and bring them back to our garage. These cars are then brought back to life in our by means of a nut and bolt restoration. These cars become our ‘’Project cars’’.
Often times these barnfinds are highly sought-after, rare and coveted cars. The barnfinds that we have in possession are various stunning 100% original Aston Martin DBS cars. Most of these cars have a beautiful history and tell a story. We even have an Aston Martin DBS which was owned and driven by the late Sir David Bruin himself! You can follow the progress of our project cars here.

If you would like to buy one of our project cars, you will have the options to alter the car to your own liking. Are you interested in one of our project cars, or are you thinking of a restoration of your Aston Martin vehicle? Please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.